Steps Involved in Doing Concrete Services

Concrete ServicesWhen it comes to hiring concrete services, you have to be very selective. Give a preference to the real professionals who do high-quality concrete work, pay attention to detail, and provide great customer service. 

It’s crucial for you to know the stages of concreting. Today, we’ll share insights into the concrete process and briefly describe the steps which are involved in doing concrete services. 

Step 1: Batching

Batching is the first step of the concrete process. At this stage, you have to take the necessary measurements and prepare the ingredients for concrete. 

Concrete materials consist of the following ingredients:

  • cement
  • course aggregate
  • sand 
  • water

There are different types of concrete jobs. Each type of concrete job requires different amounts of ingredients. 

All the necessary materials have to be measured before you get started with making the concrete. This process is known as batching. 

There are two types of batching: volume batching as well as weight batching. The materials for the concrete process are measured either by weight or by volume.      

Step 2: Mixing 

All ingredients are measured during the batching process. As a result, you will get the required proportions of selected ingredients. After that, the mixing process begins.

The mixing process consists of two stages. Initially, ingredients are mixed in dry conditions. After that, materials have to be mixed in wet conditions. 

There are two ways of mixing ingredients for concrete materials. You can take advantage of either hand mixing or machine mixing method.    

Once all the necessary ingredients for concrete materials are ready, it’s necessary to mix them thoroughly. The ingredients are mixed until the concrete materials have the right consistency and color. 

Step 3: Transporting

The ingredients of concrete materials are mixed thoroughly. As a result, you’ll get concrete materials that are ready to use. At the next stage, concrete materials have to be transported to the construction site. 

It’s incredibly important to transport concrete materials in the right way. The concrete has to maintain its wetness. That’s the reason why concrete materials have to be rotated during the transportation process. 

As a result, the concrete mixture is delivered to the construction site. You should aim to deliver concrete materials as close to the necessary location as it’s possible. Now, builders can use concrete for construction works.   

Step 4: Compacting and Leveling

After the concrete mixture has been delivered to the necessary location, it’s necessary to pour it into the formwork. At the next stage, the concrete needs to be compacted.

The reality is, the concrete has air bubbles that negatively affect the strength of materials. That’s why it’s so important to perform the compaction of concrete.    

When the concrete is compacted, air bubbles are removed from the concrete. Compaction is the type of work that needs to be done to make the concrete stronger and more durable. It’s also necessary to level concrete. Leveling has to be done to provide the concrete with the desired finishing.      

Step 5: Curing  

You have to maintain an optimum moisture level of concrete at the beginning. That’s why it’s so important to do concrete curing. 

Sometimes, a need to hydrate concrete arises. Water reacts with cement and stronger concrete material is formed. Concrete curing plays a very important role in this process.   

The amount of moisture that concrete has to get depends a lot on the atmospheric conditions. As a result, you will receive concrete of high quality that will serve you for many years.   

Due to the curing process, the adequate moisture of concrete is maintained. This helps improve the strength of concrete significantly.     

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