Asphalt overlays are the most common, practical, and economical way to salvage, strengthen, and extend the life of pavements.

Properly designed, constructed, and maintained hot mix asphalt pavement resurfacings offer the following advantages:

  • Strengthens existing pavement
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Extends service life
  • Provides safer pavements
  • Improves ride quality and appearance
  • Provides noise reduction
  • Decreases liability
  • Enhances curb appeal

The thickness of the overlay is designed to improve a lower-than-average pavement condition, but not to provide the extra strength needed for localized, structurally weak areas. Should the overlay thickness be based on the weakest condition in the section, it would be over-designed for the rest of the section, and more costly. The proper procedure is to correct the weaker areas. Removal of structurally weak areas and patching with full-depth hot mix asphalt (to ensure strength equal to or exceeding the surrounding pavement) is an economical means of preparing for overlays.