If maintenance has been either minimal or non-existent, pavement failure is inevitable over time. Cracks eventually permit water infiltration through to the substrate causing severe sub grade deficiencies, which will require complete or selective removal & replacement.

After careful inspection, a Hutch Paving sales engineer will inspect your pavement and determine if your pavement is a complete failure or if a portion is salvageable enough to warrant selective removal and replacement.

After excavation and removal of the pavement, Hutch Paving will inspect the sub base for pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions include excess moisture, base deficiencies, shallow utilities, insufficient sub base, or incorrectly prepared sub base which may require additional steps in the base preparation.

These conditions are usually not discovered until the pavement is removed. When pre-existing conditions have been corrected, a new pavement system is installed.

Hutch Paving goes to great lengths to ensure your business, customers, clients & tenants are minimally inconvenienced during construction. This may include performing our work in phases or having full-time traffic and safety control personnel on site. Removal and replacement is a process we know well at Hutch Paving and nobody does it quicker and to specification better than we do.