Hutch Paving offers asphalt pulverization services.

Pulverization of asphalt can reduce maintenance costs in your pavement rehabilitation project and it is a cost effective process for property owners who are faced with excessively thick asphalt parking lots which cannot simply be resurfaced.

Pulverization is the process of in-place recycling. First, a pulverization machine grinds up the entire surface to the full depth and creates a new material that looks like crushed aggregate base course. This pulverized asphalt will be the new base for your new pavement system. The new base material is then re-graded creating new high points in the parking lot leaving as much material on site as possible; thus, almost eliminating the need for asphalt removal costs.

This process will save time and money over the high cost of the removal of excessively thick asphalt due to the many layers of asphalt resurfacing that have been applied over the years. However, this process cannot be used for every project due to existing pavement elevations and surrounding structures that cannot be changed, such as neighboring parking lots and curbs & gutters. Also, the time that this process takes to complete is usually 3 times longer than milling, barring any unforeseen and unstable soil conditions.