Project management is a task taken very seriously at Hutch Paving, no matter how big or small a project is. We believe that project management is an integral part of maintaining quality and achieving complete customer satisfaction. That is why your sales representative will also assist our project manager with your project from start to finish.

You can be assured that all Hutch Paving projects are professionally managed in order to ensure that your time-line, budget, safety requirements, specification consistency and final project clean-up are performed as promised. Our representatives are in constant contact with the job foremen and physically check in on the job-site from time to time, ensuring that your project is consistent with the specifications.

Hutch Paving is dedicated to superior quality, safety and customer satisfaction. Our repeat customers solidify our philosophy and make us continually strive to enhance all areas of our business.

The Hutch Paving Three Stage Planning Process

Our skilled estimating and design teams focus on providing our customers with efficient, cost effective solutions for their paving projects. We use a well-defined threee stage estimate process to make sure that everyone is on the same page.


stage1cAt the initial onsite meeting a Hutch estimating expert will assess the project by evaluating your pavement’s condition and taking note of any special issues.


stage2cOften the same day, depending on project size and requirements, you will receive a detailed site plan that includes a professional proposal and sketch, outline of condition, assessment notes and a range of recommendations.


stage3bUpon receiving a notice to proceed our scheduling team assembles a realistic timetable that includes coordinating with MISS DIG. Materials are ordered, equipment scheduled and a plan for safety and traffic control is created.