Hutch Paving provides comprehensive design solutions to address complex issues facing asphalt & concrete pavements.

The issue of proper design, high quality construction, as well as optimum maintenance and rehabilitation of pavements, is the focus of Hutch Paving.

Aesthetics: Hard surface pavements are one of the main components of site curb appeal and should be considered when reconstruction and alteration are performed. Curb appeal will yield higher traffic and increased recognition.

Design: Pavement life can be significantly affected by oversized vehicle traffic. Therefore, the weight and volume of the heaviest traffic must be a principal factor in proper pavement design.

Drainage: Good surface drainage is also an essential component to proper design. A minimum slope, or crown, of 2.0% per foot is recommended. The surrounding ground should be graded so that surface drainage runs away from the pavement and does not stand on the pavement’s edge.

With the relatively large investment involved in pavements, even marginal improvements will yield increased investment returns.

Our team regularly attends continuing education events for the asphalt & concrete industry, where the focus is on rehabilitation, maintenance and design.

Make sure you stay ahead of the curve, because when it comes to pavement maintenance, time is not on your side.