Catch basin structure failures are often too common here in Michigan from the constant freeze and thaw cycles that we experience each year, to the constant abuse they receive from vehicles and trucks alike.

While not all catch basin failures are created equal, each case needs careful inspection and consideration. This includes visual inspection of the pavement around the structure to identify any sink holes that may exist. After removal of the cover, an inspection of the inside wall to look for depth deterioration and the potential presence of water from the outside wall is conducted. If water is present, drain tile may need to be added. Hutch Paving recommends that all catch basin structure repairs be followed by a minimum of 6.0′ x 6.0′ x 8.0″ concrete collar. This will yield a longer repair life.

While no visual inspection will ever yield a conclusive repair schedule, some extra work may be needed such as additional structure beyond specified depth to pipe damage.