Concrete Services

Concrete Main Page ImageWith over 14 years in the asphalt & concrete business, we have learned a thing or two about concrete.

Why choose concrete? Because concrete is very versatile, is preferred for durability and appearance, is low maintenance and indicates quality construction at first glance.

Concrete plays an important role in all sites. Concrete curbs help divert water runoff to storm retention basins. Heavy duty concrete pads in front of dumpsters ensure that large refuse trucks don't rut the pavement. Concrete wheel stops prevent vehicles from driving over the edge of the lot. Sidewalks provide safe travel for pedestrians away from traffic flow.

Concrete, like all pavements, is not maintenance free and is subject to the same environmental factors that affect asphalt.

New Construction

New concrete pavement installation is a huge undertaking requiring technical expertise, the right equipment and precise timelines. Concrete cost thousands of dollars, and is the first thing customers see before they step foot in your door. More

Removal and Replacement

If maintenance has been either minimal or non-existent, pavement failure is inevitable over time. Cracks eventually permit water infiltration through to the substrate causing severe sub grade deficiencies, which will require complete or selective removal & replacement. More

Catch Basin / Structure Rebuilding

Catch basin structure failures are often too common here in Michigan from the constant freeze and thaw cycles that we experience each year, to the constant abuse they receive from vehicles and trucks alike. More

Curbs & Gutters

The function of most curbs & gutters is to divert water runoff to the drainage structures. Not only are they functional, but they are a huge part of your site's "curb appeal". More

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate concrete is excellent way to get a spectacular look at a reasonable cost.  This is achieved when then plain surface has been stripped away to reveal the exceptional beauty lying beneath. More